Fabrication Monitoring & Verification

  • Ensure the Vendors Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is approved prior to the commencement of the project.
  • Monitor all elements of the fabrication and assembly is progressing in accordance with the shop detail drawings, relevant standard/specification and approved ITP.
  • Verify drainage holes are incorporated in the fabrication where Hot Dip Galvanizing is specified
  • Verify trial assembly for fit up, straightness and alignment as required.
  • Monitor that vendor is dimensionally checking all members prior to the commencement of welding.
  • Carry out and record random dimensional checks as per shop drawings.

Weld Joint Preparation

  • Surveillance of weld joint preparation for compliance during fabrication.
  • Verify welded joint surfaces are free from corrosion, mill scale, oil, grease and foreign material.
  • Verify tack welds are in the correct position and do not affect the integrity of the specified welded joint connection.
  • Verify run on/off tabs are used where required.
  • Verify strong back, stiffeners or temporary braces are incorporated into the fabrication where possible to mitigate welding distortion.
  • Identify and report welded connection joints that may reduce the design performance of the member.