Welding Inspection

  • Surveillance inspections of pre and post heat treatments as specified.
  • Verify welders are qualified to the correct WPS prior to the commencement of fabrication and welding.
  • Surveillance of WPS and welder qualification for compliance during welding.
  • Surveillance for the accurate calibration of welding machines to the WPS during welding.
  • Visual examination of weld preparation and welds for visual compliance to the applicable standard and specification.
  • Random measurement of weld size to ensure the weld profiles geometry complies with the specified standard.
  • Verify third part Non Destructive Examination of welds meets the level specified.
  • Attend and verify special NDE operations i.e. radiography or hydro pressure testing.
  • Initiate additional NDE where welds appear visually non-compliant
  • Verify post weldment alignment to ensure the member is free from distortion and complies with the geometry and tolerance specified.

Member Identification and Tagging

  • Ensure all members are labelled correctly prior to protective coatings and dispatch this may include the hard stamping of the mark number and applying a metal tag.